“Block grants and long-term care's future”


While considerable attention has focused upon how a President Trump and Republican Congress might repeal the Affordable Care Act, few have paid attention to the future of Medicaid spending that predates the ACA.


Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), Trump’s nominee as secretary of Health and Human Services, has long promoted the idea of rationing Medicaid for the elderly and those with disabilities through so-called federal “block grants.” Presently state Medicaid spending is matched by the federal government in a formula based upon per capita state income. Poor states get more, affluent states get less. A block grant would effectively freeze the federal contribution for each state to its present level and act as a disincentive for states to improve Medicaid funding. Read more here.

Source: Williams, Brendan. “Block grants and long-term care’s future.” The Hill. 27 December 2016.