An Important Message from Advance CLASS

February 3, 2012 - Although the Republican-led House of Representatives have voted to repeal the CLASS Act by passing H.R.1173, the "‘Fiscal Responsibility and Retirement Security Act of 2011’’, disability and aging advocates are still fighting to rescue the law. However, the vote to repeal the CLASS Act was no surprise to supporters, as CLASS has been facing opposition from Republican members of Congress for some time.

It is important to thank the local and national affiliates for their support of the CLASS Act and the efforts they make to get their voices heard in Congress. We also want to thank the individual people for their support of CLASS. After yesterday's debate, it is clear that this country must stand up for long term supports and services. Advance CLASS, Inc. and and its advocates would like to thank those Democrats for their groundbreaking efforts during Wednesday's debate. Many Representatives courageously shared their own stories of long term services and supports; they also shared the stories of their constituents. We want to thank them for their vow to keep looking for solutions to the long term services and supports issues that this country is facing now, and undoubtedly will face in the future.